Bloubul Tekendieste is a team of dedicated Architectural professionals there to assist you in getting your dreams done. We have 50 years combined experience in the building industry.

We specialize in The Greater Pretoria / Tshwane area. This includes Munitoria, Akasia, Sinoville, Shere, Centurion, Cullinan, Soshanguve – offices. We also have clients in other places in South Africa, but this is done differently. Feel free to contact us. When deciding who to use to do your building plans, it is important to take some factors in consideration. Here is what to look for:

  • Is the draughts person registered with SACAP (South-African Council for Architectural Professionals)? This is important. The council cannot take in your plans if your draughts person is not registered with SACAP. Each registration category has a set framework to which the Architectural professional need to adhere to. There are certain projects that they can do that are limited in size. Make sure that the Architectural professional is registered for the project that you want to do. Our team at Bloubul Tekendienste are registered with SACAP. Kobus is a Senior Professional Architectural Technologist and Johan is Professional Architectural Technologist.
  • The Cheapest price is not always the way to go. Some people just go around and look for the cheapest price. People see building plans as a grudge purchase. It is better to get the right person to do the job. There is a lot more regulations to your building project than you think. Some builders tell the client that building plans are not required for some buildings. There are some buildings that qualify as “minor building works” according to the National Building Regulation, but the City of Tshwane does require plans for these buildings. Speak to use for expert advice.
  • Title deed restrictions. On your Deed of Transfer there are some conditions that need to be adhered to. Most properties have a servitude registered for municipal purposes that can be relaxed with a Legal application. This normally takes a little more time to approve but it can be done. With servitudes where there are municipal sewer lines, this servitude cannot be encroached and no buildings can be erected over these servitudes. Not even an open carport. Contact us for advice.
  • Is your Land use rights correct for the proposed development? If your property is zoned for Residential 1, this means you can have one dwelling house on the stand. For any other uses you need to do a permission application or Rezoning application to apply for the intended use of the property. This is a fairly long process to get through. We get many clients that first do the rezoning application and then want to do the plans for the building. Sometime the Town planner applies for certain rights and when the client want to do the plans, the Land use rights does not allow for the buildings that the client want to erect. This problem can be overcome by first doing the plans of the development before you start with the Rezoning application. Then the Town planner can do the Rezoning application according to what the client wants. Speak to us before you start at the wrong place. Remember that you need to apply for a second dwelling if you want to erect more than one dwelling.
  • Do you want to sell your property? When you want to sell your house, the bank requires approved drawings and an occupation certificate before you can transfer to the new owner. So many people contact us when the application goes in for registration and then thy want approved plans. The process however takes longer than most people think and some of the buyers cancel the deal because it takes too long. Then you must start the process from the beginning in trying to sell your house. Best way is to get your plans approved and get occupation certificate before you place your property in the market to sell. Remember: “The National Building regulation cannot be changed to suit your needs. You need to comply with the Building Regulation”. This means that changes will have to be done to comply with the regulation.

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